build 3d architektur visualisierung virtual reality möglichkeiten
Load external HTML pages, images or videos into the interactive model to provide even more information.
What do you think the room looks like with a black leather sofa? Take the opportunity to try out furniture in the model with different materials.
Which tile should it be? Or would you prefer a parquet floor? Give your prospective customer the possibility to choose.
Not only fabrics can be adapted interactively. Of course, this is also possible with a predefined selection of colors.
On request it is also possible to display outdoor spaces. So you have the possibility to present not only the inner values of your real estate.
It is possible to connect different interactive models. Thus, entire residential quarters can be displayed as interactive models, which still allow you access to a single house or apartment.
Of course, you can interactively change more than just the materials of floors. How about accent colours on the wall surfaces? Or instead of a plaster facade with a brick facade? And which roof covering fits better? Combine different materials to find out what you like best.

Real-Time Rendering and Virtual Reality Support

Interactive models offer you the opportunity to present your property in such a way that every viewer understands it, because every area - be it outside or inside - can be freely explored.

The possibility of exchanging materials, integrating further information, Internet pages or films and linking different models with each other make this type of presentation a real experience. It is a bit like a computer game. And who does not like it when work feels like playing?

If you have a Virtual Reality headset at your disposal, you can fully immerse in another, yet real world.

All this may sound complex, but is very uncomplicated for you: the model can be integrated into the website via a simple link and is immediately available to every visitor of your site.

- Runs in a browser
- Supports Virtual Reality glasses
- Suitable for desktop and mobile devices
- Integration into a website possible
- No plugins required
- Implementation with and without Virtual Reality possible
- Depending on the model size and complexity, longer loading times may occur.
- Complex models need state-of-the-art hardware



Here you can find some further examples of interactive models with Virtual Reality support, we created. We hope you have a lot of fun while testing.


Interactive 3D Objects
with VR-Support

Whether for a piece of furniture, a sanitary object or a technical device: interactive 3D models are a convincing solution to present your product in such a way that leaves no questions unanswered. The object can be freely rotated and viewed from all sides.

- Photorealistic representation
- Runs in a browser
- Suitable for desktop and mobile devices
- No plugins required
- Integration into a website possible